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How Faith-Based Preschool Can Help Your Child Grow

Proverbs 22:6 reminds us that children who are taught the truth will stick with it even as they grow older. Of course, King Solomon didn’t define what “children” meant all those years ago. So it raises the question: is faith-based preschool an important first step to helping a child grow?

Yes, faith-based Christian pre-school can help build 4 important skills critical to your child’s growth. Let’s look at each of those individually.


Christian Preschool Builds Self-Esteem

The book of 1 John should get every one of us excited: God has lavished great love on us, so much that we’re called His children. And this is further backed up by 1 Peter, reminding us that God chose us into His family.

If that got you excited, imagine instilling those values into a preschool child. Faith-based child care services teach kids how important they are, how much value they have, and how amazing they can be later in life. Self-esteem starts at an early age, and there’s no better place to do that than in preschool.

Faith-Based Preschool Opens a Child’s Mind

Positive experiences are necessary for healthy childhood development. Christian preschool is uniquely positioned as the ideal avenue to model this behavior. From learning about basic biology to early language arts skills, these experiences can help especially grow a child. It sets them up for early success both academically and socially.

Child Care Services Should Always Encourage Creativity

Preschool should awaken a child’s creative side, helping them to see the beauty in what is around them. Paul reminds us in Romans 1:20 that all things were made by God. His perfect creation is a blank canvas of wonder and excitement. Faith-based preschool helps children see what is out there and how it can be used for good.

Preschool Teaches Excellence

Our faith-based values have instilled into our staff the importance of doing everything following Colossians 3:23. We know that each child we welcome into our learning center is a future leader. We model excellence for them so that, at this early age, they learn the importance of doing their job well.

Faith-Based Preschool Is The Head Start Your Child Needs

From building self-esteem to striving for excellence, Jordan Family Learning Center believes in the critical importance Christian preschool plays in helping a child grow. Interested in learning more?

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